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Renting a property is hard, we know it. We make it a whole lot easier, more organized, less stressful and more enjoyable.
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Updated: June 17, 2024

Dear property owner,

We get it

Having a property for rent or room to reserve and managing it is really, really f*cking hard.

You’re probably lying awake at night, wondering where your next rental income will materialize from.

The dread of the low season looms, with rental inquiries expected to decrease, leaving you restless at night.

The silence of your empty properties echoes, amplifying the stress of lost income and the pressure to fill those empty weeks.

Your rental calendar looking like a desert, the only numbers in it being the day dates.

What about your staff, the payroll, and the monthly loan repayment

Will you be able to honor the payment for everything?

This worry is a burden you bear as an owner, one we understand all too well.

The  classic 3am panic wake up kicks in…

And as your stress levels rise, you’re starting to see a silver streak or two in your hair.

Add to that the multitude of responsibilities pulling you every which way. Good heavens!

Should you advertise on social media?

Make a website for your property?

Maybe even brand it?

Document your rental property journey on Instagram?

What about automated responses?

Everyone seems to be raving about them. Should you place some ads?

Splash out on professional photography?

Continually update your listing?

someone help, my head’s spinning, my heart pumping

Look, most property owners often fall victim to ‘shiny object syndrome’…mixed with a dash of distraction… and a sprinkling of “jack of all trades” mentality.

They end up dabbling in a bit of everything

Before they know it, they’re yelling at their computer screen, overwhelmed by the list of things they “need” to do.

This chaotic situation we call a rat’s nest. It’s like being in hell. It’s hot, uncomfortable, and we’d rather swallow a jar of Thai chilis than manage a property that way.

But this isn’t about us…it’s about you.

You’re here because your rental property business isn’t exactly where you hoped it would be.

Or maybe things are going well and you just want better.

More security.

More income.

More freedom.

More peace of mind.

More time for yourself.

More opportunities to travel to exotic destinations that result in sand in your shoes, or cool pictures to show on Insta.

Whatever your goals are…the journey begins by “choosing your own adventure” below…

**cute angels singings.**

“PUSHING YOUR BOOKINGS until your rental account balance resembles a phone number .”


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We do it for you


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We list you everywhere


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We make you organized


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We make you money


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We differentiate you


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We make you viral


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Let’s make it simpler, better, smarter, and 10x more efficient.

Bypass the speculation, the hit-or-miss tactics, and the ceaseless circus that comes with figuring it how to rent a property out on your own for the first time.

Instead, let’s grow your business using proven client-capture strategies, structured approaches, and data-driven customer acquisition pricing & strategies, rather than merely hoping for the best, and ending with the worst.


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We make you money


Backed with our ownership experience and awards that goes with it.

There are a lot of so-called “agencies”, “rental specialist” or “rental managers”, roaming around the wild wild west that is the real estate and hotel industry today. 

Most of these are all bark, no bite. All hype, no substance.

Simply said, they manage the property of others, but they don’t understand deeply what it is to lose money or to feel the stress of loan repayment or investing in a property renovation.

We do. Because our years of experience, mixed with shareholding in large villa rental business allow us to understand the ownership side of things, and the responsibilities that goes with it.

We get your pain, and we share your success.

Cause rental managers tend to brag, but numbers don’t.

We manage over 60 properties and resorts, and have generated thousands of bookings and way over 15M USD in rental over the years.

On top of that, we partnered with companies like in developing the rental part of their platforms years ago, when the property rental became the new hype.

Wait, we are not finished there:

We have been awarded all over the years in villa management, even in 2023 with a triple world luxury hotel award for villa, restaurant and spa service.

Finding a rental management with this kind of background does not exist. We tried.

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Most property owners attempt to manage their rentals through trial and error, guided by ‘hoping-and-praying’., fueled by YouTube videos tutorials of people that are even in a worst situation than you are.

They stumble through the process, trying to figure it all out on their own. We term this “guessing”. It’s unpredictable, incredibly stressful, and often ends in failure (or a trip to the therapist).

We have managed 1000’s of bookings.

This isn’t our first turn at the property management rodeo.

Our aim is to reduce the amount of time it takes for you to go from first-time solo property manager to high-performing, market-dominating property mogul…


The booking and rental business is filled with agencies started by people who jumped into the rental industry like a hair in a soup bowl.

They’re all about the cash, with little real knowledge of what they’re doing. Most of them haven’t even met a guest and lack hospitality experience.

But hey, we’re different. Our team exclusively comes from the luxury hotel industry, so we speak the language of REVPAR, ARR, ADR, and all those fancy terms. More importantly, we understand guests and their needs throughout the booking process.

Our founder, Fabrice, is even a partner in a fully serviced award winning villa project in Thailand.

So, we get the frustrations of ownership and know what it takes to make your property profitable. We know the ins and outs of operations and how to ensure a smooth guest experience.

Long story short, we know our stuff and we’re here to help.


(And your competition is not aware about it)

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In this Kickass pdf report, you get 24 proven actionable points that will improve your listing, your presence in rental platform and your cash income.
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What kind of experience does your team bring?
We’re not rookies in the property management arena. Our squad comes from the luxury hotel industry, fluent in REVPAR, ARR, ADR, and other fancy jargon. Our founder, Fabrice, is a partner in an award-winning, fully serviced villa project in Thailand.
Unlike agencies just looking to make a quick buck, we understand the frustrations of ownership and what it takes to make your property profitable. We’re familiar with the ins and outs of operations and how to ensure a smooth guest experience.
We provide a whole suite of services to make property management a breeze! These include property bookings, property registration to online travel agency, property branding, marketing, SEO, social media presence, pricing strategy and seasonality setup.
Our aim is to shrink the time it takes for you to go from a first-time solo property manager to a high-performing, market-dominating property tycoon. With our services at your disposal, you won’t be guessing your way through – we’ve already done the groundwork for you.
Our aim is to shrink the time it takes for you to go from a first-time solo property manager to a high-performing, market-dominating property tycoon. With our services at your disposal, you won’t be guessing your way through – we’ve already done the groundwork for you.
Branding your villa gives it a unique identity. It helps to differentiate your property from competitors and creates an emotional connection with guests. A strong brand can also command higher prices and improve customer loyalty.
A well-crafted Airbnb listing can dramatically increase your bookings. High-quality photographs, detailed descriptions, personal touches, and highlighting unique features or experiences can all make your listing more appealing to potential guests.
Online exposure is key in this digital age. It expands your property’s reach to a global audience, allows for reviews which can build reputation, and offers a platform for direct bookings.
With our integrated channel management service, you can easily manage bookings from various sources on a single platform. It helps avoid overbooking, ensures rate parity, and saves time updating different channels.
We firmly believe that money is the key in the villa rental game. Our main goal is to help you generate revenue. Once you have the money, you won’t have to worry about sourcing and paying for the team’s services. Many owners see things the other way around, but if you have rental income, you’ll definitely have the team to take care of them.
We are located in Thailand, in the island of Phuket. Yet, we are managing villas, hotels, resorts and apartments globally. The time zone is not an issue as we have team members in several areas that are close to your time zone to reply in time to inquiries.

what we’re trying to say is that you should hit the damn button OR STICK WITH SO-SO BOOKINGS